Nicolle Helders-Vaessen

Nicolle Helders

My name is Nicolle Helders-Vaessen. I graduated in 1992 and I have been working as an exercise therapist Mensendieck ever since. After having worked for a few years I became an independent exercise therapist in 1999. In recent years I have deepened my knowledge by doing various courses regarding pelvic instability, scoliosis, back and pelvis problems, workplace surveys and balance and stability training. In addition to this, I am highly experienced in treating patients with posture-, work- and stress-related symptoms, postural abnormalities in children (scoliosis) and neurological disorders such as disc herniation. Apart from treating patients individually, I also enjoy giving group lessons to elderly/50+. Since 2012, I have been participating in the RSI multidisciplinary network (symptoms related to arm, neck and shoulders) of Maastricht University. I joined the Netwerk Chronische Pijn in 2014.

Making people aware of the relation between the way they move and their symptoms is still the biggest challenge in my work. This means finding the underlying cause of pain, stress or problems when moving and going beyond just treatment of symptoms. It is about tackling ingrained daily movements and habits that sustain pain. To be able to be the patient’s coach and to make them their own body’s therapist gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Registered with the quality register for paramedics
Registered with the Chamber of Commerce number 14117030
Member of the professional association VvOCM

Medipoint Parkstad

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