Exercise therapy Mensendieck for adults

From a young age, we all learn to walk, run, lift, climb, fall and to get back up again. Moving around comes so naturally that we hardly realise we are doing it. Until something goes wrong. You hurt your back, your hip or neck starts bothering you or your shoulders get completely stuck. These symptoms are typically the direct result of years of incorrect moving or congenital malformation. You can call on the exercise therapist Mensendieck with all kinds of symptoms. Please read the information in the “Indications” tab or contact the practice.

What does the exercise therapist Mensendieck do?

The exercise therapist’s motto is: “each change in the movement pattern affects the functioning of the entire body”. Treatment is therefore never focused on the disorder or symptoms only, but on the entire body and daily activities. How do you move when you stand, walk or sit (on a PC)? Do you sit or stand at work, is your profession physically demanding or do you often sit/stand in an unnatural position? Is there something wrong with muscle coordination in certain movements? These are all questions on the basis of which the exercise therapist can make you aware of your posture and movement pattern.