Chronic pain network

The Netwerk Chronische Pijn is a national network of exercise therapists Cesar/Mensendieck who have specialised in the treatment of people suffering from chronic pain. All affiliated exercise therapists work according to a treatment method which was devised as per the latest insights in evidence-based practice and patient-driven care. This was done so that you can count on care that is tailored to your requirements and is focused on working towards increased quality of life and exercise. The Netwerk Chronische Pijn collaborates with referrers such as rehabilitation specialists, rheumatologists, rehabilitation centres, pain clinics and other professionals in the 1st line.
The Netwerk Chronische Pijn offers an effective treatment method called the Chronic Pain Protocol. Treatment is not aimed at a reduction of pain, but at reducing suffering from pain during life. All exercise therapists have been intensively trained in the treatment and supervision of chronic pain patients according to this protocol. This means that you can count on high-quality care.