Symptoms during musicianship

Not only do you practice music with your instrument, you also use your body. In order to practice music in a relaxed way, correct body control is essential. An unfavourable posture or technique can lead to a variety of symptoms, such as pain and inflammation to muscles, tendons and joints or breathing problems. Nervousness, stress or stage fright can also occur, resulting in physical symptoms.

What does an exercise therapist Mensendieck do?

The exercise therapist Mensendieck who is specialised in the treatment of musicians can treat, or even better, prevent many symptoms. The exercise therapist makes you aware of both your posture and style of practicing music in relation to your symptoms and the reaction of your body to pain, overstrain and stress. The exercise therapist guides and trains you to adopt a healthier posture and to practice music in a healthier way. This way, you will learn to recognise unfavourable habits (while practicing music) and to breach them. This is noticeable in the music you make.