During pregnancy, childbirth and the first period after childbirth, a lot changes in your body. An exercise therapist Mensendieck can help you to get to know your body during this period and teach you how best to deal with these changes. You will also learn how best to adjust your daily activities to your pregnancy.

Treating pregnancy symptoms

Lower back pains and pelvic complaints / pelvic instability and pelvic floor disorders (urinary incontinence) are common during pregnancy and / or after childbirth. Exercise therapy teaches you how to get these symptoms under control. Exercise Therapy focusses on the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal symptoms. It makes people aware of their posture and manner of moving. By learning correct posture and movement habits, symptoms can be reduced or prevented. Our practice is at your disposal for individual treatment (also without referral from your GP). Insurance reimburses exercise therapy from supplementary insurance.