The true power of exercise therapy Mensendieck also lies in prevention. Prevention is always better than curing. Do you have a physically demanding occupation (construction workers, nurses) or are you repeating the same movement during work (musicians, drivers and monitor operators)? Then the chance of symptoms is significant and exercise therapy can support you enormously to prevent them.

Preventing RSI

An incorrect posture when working with a pc or laptop can eventually lead to unpleasant symptoms. Together with the exercise therapist, you will search for the most ideal posture and working conditions in order to minimalise symptoms regarding the neck, shoulders, arms or wrists. Once a curved back, always a curved back?
With time, patience and a little effort there is a lot to improve on our posture and how we move. Do not think “I was born this way” or “I inherited this bent back from my grandparents, what can I do about it?”. More than you would expect.


The media inform us on a daily basis about the art of becoming and staying healthy. How to best treat our body and health is an ever topical question. This awareness is one of the most important aspects of the Mensendieck method. If you are aware of a good posture, then you will use your muscles correctly and strain your joints favourably, thus preventing symptoms!