Why exercise therapy Mensendieck?

The most important characteristics that distinguish exercise therapy from other types of care are:

– Exercise therapy Mensendieck focusses on the entire human body
Exercise therapy Mensendieck, regardless of the symptoms or disorder, is focussed on the entire human body and not just on the part of the body where symptoms manifest. The cause of the symptoms is assessed and treated by looking at the relationship between complaint, posture and movement habits. The patient receives an individual treatment plan as part of which he/she works to continuously improve the entire posture- and movement pattern. The result: fixing existing symptoms and preventing future ones.

– Exercise therapy Mensendieck demands active involvement of the patient
Exercise therapy Mensendieck in fact comes down to “coaching” the patient. The exercises that the patient is provided with are the tools with which he/she can work. It is paramount that for a successful outcome of the therapy, the patient actively participates in all treatments and is willing to self-teach a new and healthy movement pattern.

– Exercise Therapy Mensendiek makes patients self-reliant
The exercise therapist devises a personalised and tailored schedule for each patient on the basis of which exercise begins in a systematic and targeted manner. Step by step, the patient learns to see the connection between symptoms and posture and discovers the cause of his/her problems. The ultimate effect of exercise therapy is that in approximately 75% of cases, symptoms reduce or disappear, even without having removed the cause of the symptoms. Naturally this does not succeed in all cases, yet it is important that the patient knows what is going on and that he/she has learnt how to deal with it. Exercise therapy makes the patient self-reliant: should the symptoms return or worsen, then the patient can independently remedy them rather than calling for help again.

Exercise therapy Mensendieck is proven effective:
The proposition that exercise therapy is an effective treatment method is increasingly receiving scientific support. Research by the Health Council of the Netherlands shows that many people with symptoms get by better in their daily lives when they receive exercise therapy. Exercise therapy is proven effective for subacute and chronic low back pain, intermittent claudication (claudicatio intermittens), osteoarthritis of the knee, cystic fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Furthermore, there is good evidence that exercise therapy is effective in patients who have had a stroke, have Parkinson or Spondylitis or suffer osteoarthritis of the hip. Considering the mostly favourable effects of exercise therapy, the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends further scientific research into the effectiveness of exercise therapy with other diseases.

Exercise therapy Mensendieck is aimed at the entire body posture and optimal functioning in daily life.
– The exercise therapist is the movement coach and teaches the patient to move healthily
– The exercise therapist teaches the patient to understand symptoms and to respond to them adequately so that symptoms reduce, disappear and can eventually be prevented.

Exercise therapy works!!